Given the weather and the lack of rain, the Farm Manager has instructed us to ensure that no BarBeQues, Fire Pits or Open Fires are used on the camping field during the Bures Music Festival.

There are barbeques ready built between the Cricket pavilion and the river on the recreation ground and these can be used during the festival.

We hope that you will all understand and support this decision, as it is for your own safety and that of all the other campers.

Stable gas barbeques and stoves are acceptable but anything that can fallover is forbidden.


Just as naked flames present a fire hazard in the current weather and surface conditions, please be aware that carelessly discarded smoking materials are just as likely to cause a fire. Would all smokers please take care to ensure that all cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco etc. are properly extinguished and preferably soaked with water prior to leaving the site or retiring for the night.

Thank you and please enjoy the music and the Festival

Bures Music Festival Committee – 1st July 2018

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