Frequently Asked Questions

There are always question that need answering – here are the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions

When do the single day tickets go on sale?

Single-day tickets go on sale in May. The pricing will be announced prior to their sale.

Are my tickets for 2020 valid for BMF2022?

Yes. Simply print out and bring your 2020 tickets with you and they are valid for the 2022 festival. You do not need to exchange them for 2022 tickets. 

If you need your tickets resent to you please contact

Have I refunded my 2020 tickets or not?

Please bear with us while we cross-check the refunds against the tickets. It may take some time for us to ensure all refunded tickets are marked as such. If you are unsure you can email

Where will I receive my tickets?

We do not send physical tickets. You will have received your digital tickets with your order confirmation. You can either display these on your digital device at the gate or print them out and hand them over. If you cannot find your digital tickets you can come with your order confirmation and the gate can work out your tickets. 

What if I cannot find my order confirmation or digital tickets?

If you have not received them (it’s surprising how many people misspell their own email address)  or cannot find your tickets or order confirmation (2020 is a long time ago) please contact as they can resend them to you.

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