The Line Up over the Years

Bures Music Festival, formerly known as Jazz on the Stour is now approaching its 24th year. Over the lifetime of the festival we have had many amazing acts play and entertain the crowds that join us to help raise money for local charities and causes that improve the life and wellbeing of the residents of the surrounding area. Use the accordian below to view the line up of the years so far.


2019 Bures Music Festival 23
  • Choral: Funky Voices
  • Jazz: Jacqui Hicks, (Julian Marc Stringle couldn’t attend) Harry Green and Larraine Odell
  • Friday: Nine Below Zero and the Ian Siegal Band
  • Saturday: Guns 2 Roses, Bon Giovi, The Long Run, Funk2K, Harry Slater Band, Mengelmoes, D’Ukes, Beergut 100 and Uncommon Taste
  • Sunday: New Town Kings, Soul Kitchen, J.S. & the Lockerbillies, The Iron Boot Scrapers, Face Furniture Beer Valley Drifters and the B-Fest winner
2018 Bures Music Festival 22
  • Choral: The Edmund Quartet
  • JazzNight: Jazz at the Movies featuring Joanna Eden and the Chris Ingham Quartet
  • Friday night: Bernie Marsden, Laurence Jones and Blues‘n’Two’s
  • Saturday: UK Michael Jackson, The Ashton Jones Project, The Kubricks, Southbound, The Kopy Katz, Litter of Kings, The Vagaband and Helen Connelly
  • Sunday: The UK Beach Boys, The Kinx, Robbie Gladwell & The Sidemen, Hot Tramp, Funk 2k, Mambo Chutney and the B-Fest winners
2017 Bures Music Festival 21
  • Choral: The Edmund Octet
  • JazzNight: Karen Sharp, Sue Richardson and Larraine Odell with the JazzNights Trio
  • Friday night: King King, Danny Bryant and Back Porch
  • Saturday: Rhapsody, The ELO Encounter, Reno & Rome, Broken Eyes, Stretch Soul Gang, Spacecake, Wooden Maiden and the B-Fest winners
  • Sunday: Doctor and the Medics, Who’s Next, The Committed, Anna Pancaldi, Medicine, The Ministry of Mojo and Face Furniture
2016 Bures Music Festival 20
  • Choral: Chorus Iceni
  • JazzNight: Nicholas Meier, Emily Dankworth and Larraine Odell
  • Friday night: Stevie Nimmo Trio, Alvin Youngblood Hart’s Muscle Theory and Dr Feelgood
  • Saturday: Bootleg Blondie, The Secret Police, The Turner Brothers, Broken Eyes, Ady Johnson, Hot Tram,Vardo and the Boss and The Flat Mountain Family
  • Sunday: Counterfeit Beatles, New Town Kings, LaVendore Rogue, Blue Meteors, D’Ukes, Sound Mirrors and the B-Fest 2016 winner
2015 Bures Music Festival 19
  • Choral: Kelvedon Singers
  • Blues night: Jo Harman and company, Marcus Bonfanti, Space Eagle
  • Ashton Jones and The Innerheart Band, Loose Joints, Loxley’s Corner, Stretch Soul Gang, Kordula
  • Tribute night: Jive Talkin’, Purple Rain
  • The Stones, The Essex Blues Brothers, The Kubricks, Robbie Gladwell Band, Crème de Chèvre, Bijoux Toots


2014 Bures Music Festival 18
  • Choral: Funky Voices
  • Jazznights Presents: Alan Barnes, Roger Beaujolais, Larraine Odell with the Jazznights Trio
  • Blues night: The Pretty Things, Henry Padovani, LaVendore Rogue
  • B-Fest Young Musicians Talent Contest
  • Tribute night: Planet Abba, Fleetwood Bac
  • Jupiter Ray, The Humdingers, Frett, The Jim Jims, Dumbfoundus, Face Furniture
2013 Bures Music Festival 17
  • Choral: Musicology
  • Jazznights Presents: Snake Davis with the Jazznights Trio, The Watson-Hurley Quartet, Larraine Odell with the Jazznights Trio
  • Blues night: Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Struck Bats, Ben Smith
  • B-Fest Young Musicians Talent Contest
  • Tribute night: Absolute Bowie,  Dizziyak
  • Ady Johnson, The Blue Meteors, Two Steps Twice, The Story Boys, The Vincent Lapie Trio
    2012 Bures Music Festival 16
    • Choral: Four Voices
    • Jazz night: Pete Jezard and The Blackwater Band
    • B-Fest Young Musicians Talent Contest
    • Blues night: Big Boy Bloater and The Limits, Blues Situation
    • Tribute night: Rhapsody… Is This The Real Queen, The Chocolate Fireguard Experience
    • Hokie Joint, This Boy Wonders, Robbie Gladwell Band, Two Steps Twice

    2011 Bures Music Festival 15
    • Choral: The Suffolk Soul Singers
    • Blues night: The Hamsters, The Back Porch Band
    • Soul night: Soul Kitchen
    • The Dan Stern Quartet
    • The Geoff Eales International Quintet
    • Monica Vasconcelos and Vintage Brazil
    2010 Jazz by the Stour 14
    • Choral: Cantabile Youth Choir
    • B-Fest Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Blues night: Dr Feelgood, The Swamp Cats
    • 1940s swing night returns: The Red Stripe Band, Nigel Anderson’s Jump ‘n’ Jive
    • Monica Vasconcelos and Vintage Brazil
    • The Geoff Eales International Quintet
    • The Dan Stern Quartet
    2009 Jazz by the Stour 13
    • Choral: The Voice Squad
    • B-Fest Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Blues night: Paul Lamb & The King Snakes, The Ramon Goose Band with Malcolm Miles
    • Soul night: Liz Mullen, Soul Kitchen
    • The Jonny Boston Quartet
    • The Eden Project
    • The Jo Fooks Quintet
    • The Geoff Gascoyne Quintet with Trudy Kerr
    • Harry Greene
    2008 Jazz by the Stour 12
    • Choral: Musicology
    • B-Fest Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Blues night: Connie Lush and Blues Shouter, Just Blues
    • Soul night: Liz Mullen
    • Liane Carroll and John Etheridge
    • Atila
    • Laura Zakian Quintet
    • TJ Johnson and his band
    • Carl Hudson and Tom Walsh
    2007 Jazz by the Stour 11
    • Choral: The Kelvedon Singers
    • The Back Porch Band and The Hamsters
    • Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Soul night: Soultown Chic
    • The Martyn Brothers, The Jim Mullen Organ Trio
    • Stan Sulzmann
    • The Sarah Moule Quintet
    • The National Youth Jazz Orchestra with Kit Holmes
    2006 Jazz by the Stour 10
    • Choral: Musicology
    • Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Nine Below Zero
    • Back Porch Band
    • 1940s swing night with Blue Harlem, The Sentimental Journey Record Show
    • Polly Gibbons
    • The Simon Spillett Quartet
    • Gwyneth Herbert
    • TJ Johnson and his band
    2005 Jazz by the Stour 9
    • Choral: Musicology
    • Young Musician’s Talent Contest
    • Mike Sanchez and his Back Porch Band
    • 1940s swing night with 9:20 Deluxe, The Sentimental Journey Record Show
    • The Sheena Davis Group
    • The Bob Bromhead Trio with Jim Mullen and Brian Iddenden
    • Tina May and Nikki Iles Trio
    • Phil Mason’s New Orleans All Stars
    2004 Jazz by the Stour 8
    • Choral: Stour Valley Singers
    • Dr Feelgood
    • Bad Town Blues
    • 1940s swing night with Blue Harlem
    • The Stackyard Stompers
    • Jacqui and Alec Dankworth
    • The Karen Sharp Quintet
    • The Horn Factory
    2003 Jazz by the Stour 7
    • Choral: Stour Valley Singers
    • Dana Gillespie
    • The Motel Kings
    • 1940s swing night with Blue Harlem
    • The Tom Collins Jazz Band
    • Neil Stacey’s Kimbara Brothers
    • Derek Nash and Mark Crooks with The Bob Bromhead Trio
    • Julian Marc Stringle and The Dream Band
    • Lisa Kavanagh
    2002 Jazz by the Stour 6
    • 1940s swing night with Big Heat
    • The Sentimental Journey Record Show
    2001 Jazz by the Stour 5
    • Choral: St Peter’s Singers
    • Barn dance with Itchy Feet Band
    • 1940s swing night: Sugar Ray’s Flying Fortress Band, The Sentimental Journey Record Show
    • The Stackyard Stompers
    • The Gary Potter Band
    • Jim Mullen and Bob Bromhead
    • The Horn Factory
    • Angie Diggens
    2000 Jazz by the Stour 4
    • 1940s night
    • Barn dance with Itchy Feet Band
    • The Tom Collins Band
    • Ian Cruickshank’s Gypsy Jazz
    • The Three B’s (Reg Webb, Andy Dowding & Lincoln Anderson)
    • The Fred Ward All-stars (Jack Parnell, Lennie Bush & Bob Bromhead & Mark Allaway)
    1999 Jazz by the Stour 3
    • Barn dance with Itchy Feet Band
    1998 Jazz by the Stour 2
    • Barn dance with Itchy Feet Band
    1997 Jazz by the Stour 1
    • Liane Carroll
    • The Tom Collins Band
    • Todd Landman’s All Star Combo
    • The Geoff Ellison Swing Band
    • Amadeus Boldwicket’s Red Hot Peppers Jazz Band

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