Important information about collecting your wristbands if you’re joining us this year.

Please note we do not send out physical tickets. If you bought tickets online you will be able to collect your wristbands at the gate. There may be wristbands for some events available, in very limited numbers, at the gate for cash or card payments but these will not include Saturday or Festival Passes

If you ordered online please bring your order confirmation with you that shows the order number either printed or displayed on your mobile device and we will exchange it for the relevant wristbands.

If you are camping please collect your wristbands from the camping office at the campsite.

Some important information regarding your visit

In the light of the extremely dry weather and forecast heat this weekend barbecues,  firepits and any solid fuel burners are strictly forbidden. This is a farm field with recently cut stubble and the smallest spark from a cinder caught or drifting in the wind would cause a wildfire.

Self contained gas camping stoves used off the ground are acceptable but please bear in mind the risk to yourselves and neighbours when using them.

What you can (or can’t) bring in or out of the festival ground

As a part of our insurance, licensing and safety protocols the following items cannot be brought in or out of the festival ground.

  • Any glass containers whatsoever. We will not allow glass into the festival ground.
  • Alcohol. Our licence does not cover offsite consumption and we will not allow alcohol to be taken in or out of the festival ground
  • Cans of any type. We will not allow cans or tins into the festival ground.
  • Water in unsealed containers. You may bring unopened and sealed bottles of water into the festival area but no other bottles or containers will be allowed in. Free water is available within the festival grounds
  • Food. Other than baby food in non-glass containers we will not allow food to be brought into the festival ground. This includes Sunday. You are welcome to eat your own food on the recreation ground or campsite outside the festival ground.
  • Folding chairs. Outside the tents only. They will not be allowed inside the Big Top or little Big Top for safety reasons.

How to pay at the festival.

  • You can always pay by cash but in light of recent events, we will also provide card payment facilities at the gate and at the bar.
  • You can also request cashback at the gate before 8pm if you prefer to monitor your spending that way.

The festival is run and staffed by volunteers

Please be mindful that the festival is run by and largely staffed by volunteers outside the professional security, first aid, and sound staff. The festival is a wholly not-for-profit event that raises money for local groups, clubs, and hospices.

There is detailed information for those with disabilities here and guidelines for dog owners here

If you have any further queries please contact us using the email below.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

BMF Ticket Sales

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